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About the GLOW Program

God Loves Ordinary Women (GLOW) is an outreach program offered by New Heaven Dominion, Inc. that is geared toward enabling and empowering girls to lead more productive lives. GLOW equips girls with the necessary tools to lead liberating and success-driven lives despite the pressures and tragedies that they may experience in life.. This program is designed to provide life coaching, empowerment workshops, and seminars on Teen Academic Success, Teen Health and Wellness, Teen Jobs and Career Planning, Teen Relationships, Teen Leadership, Self-Love, Healing and Forgiveness, and Overcoming Obstacles and Tragedies.

Meet Your Coach

Velvet George, New Heaven Dominion’s Executive Director and GLOW Program Founder, shares her personal experiences in her testimony below.

My life purpose is to teach young girls the power of forgiveness, while navigating the process of personal love and true healing. 

In my youth, I was faced with some challenges... I was challenged by fear, low self esteem, depression, unforgiveness, suicidal thoughts, and self-love. 

I felt such negative emotions towards me, while feeling lost and confused about my place in the world. I allowed these negative emotions to consume my life. It wasn't until later in my youth that I allowed Jesus Christ in my life, and WOW! What a change He made! Through awareness and reflection, I decided to change for the better. I was able to change through prayer, acceptance, accountability, and life coaching. God miraculously transformed my life, healed my hurt and pain, and renewed my mind. I immediately started to see life differently. I allowed God to do a new thing in my life. God constantly reminds me of just how special I was to Him, and how I am His masterpiece. This acceptance and love I felt from God is all I needed to examine and change my life and environment to one I was proud of.

GLOW was birthed during the process of God transforming my life into the beauty it is today. He placed it on my heart to start this program for other girls who may have challenges, keeping them from becoming all God has called and purposed them to be.

I have made it my life's mission to create an environment that helps facilitate healing in the lives of those young girls in the community. My primary objective for existence is to be a positive agent of change in the lives of those who need help recognizing their own strength. GLOW will be the anchor by which God uses to facilitate this change in the lives of girls locally and onward to both nationally and internationally.

There is one common thread we all share, which transcends race, gender, social status, education, and/or religion – life. Life happens, and it happens to us all. For those of us who experience stressful or harsh periods in adolescence, these experiences can lead to deeper and longer impacts on our adult lives. Some of us are blessed to recognize the God-given power has innately equipped us all with to triumph over tragedy. Some of us need a little help through the healing process. At GLOW that's what we're all about- helping girls press past the traumatic events onto pathways of victory!

Our Services

It is GLOW’s mission to instill knowledge, confidence, independence, and life priorities to girls. GLOW offers a vast array of programs, events, life coaching sessions, and services. GLOW seeks to inform and de-stigmatize community issues at the individual level, while allowing young girls to know that struggles, hardships, and tragedies are real. The purpose of our services is to foster the inclusive environment needed to start on a path of healing.

  • Teen Health and Wellness

  • Teen Jobs and Career Planning

  • Teen Relationships

  • Overcoming Obstacles and Tragedies

  • Self-Love

  • Forgiveness and Healing

Our Partners

GLOW's work would not be possible without the support of our valued partners. We are always seeking to partner with individuals and organizations alike to further the vision of GLOW by way of financial contribution or volunteering at one of our events throughout the year. Your partnership is needed and valued. Learn more about how you can support GLOW's vision; please send us an e-mail today!


Carf Goldseal

New Heaven Dominion is accredited for Group Home Care (Children and Adolescents) by CARF International.


Carf Goldseal

New Heaven Dominion is accredited for Group Home Care (Children and Adolescents) by CARF International.